Salisbury Camera Club Constitution


The Club shall be called the Salisbury Camera Club and shall exist for the advancement,

study and practice of the Art and Science of photography.


(a) Membership shall be open to all persons equally who have an interest in photography. A list

of members shall be kept (on computer if desired) by the Secretary.

(b) Candidates for membership shall be approved by the committee. Membership of the Club

implies an undertaking to comply with and abide by the Club Constitution.

(c) Any person who has rendered special service to the Club may be elected an Honorary

Member at the Annual General Meeting upon fourteen days' notice.


(a) The Annual subscription shall be such sum as may be determined at an Annual or Special

General Meeting. Members elected on or after 1st. January in any year shall pay half the

current rate for that year.

(b) If any Member has not paid their subscription within six months of the due date their name

will be removed from the list of members but they shall continue to be liable to pay the

arrears of subscription due at the time of their name being so removed.

(c) The Club's financial year shall end on the 31th. March in each year.


(a) The Named members of the Committee of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-

Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, External Competition Secretary and additional numbers to

make a total committee twelve, to be elected from the members at the Annual General

Meeting, all committee members being Honorary, save as otherwise provided in the


(b) The Affairs and property of the Club shall be directed and managed by the Committee

members, to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall have power to

fill any vacancy in their number, to accept resignations, and save as otherwise provided in

the Constitution, to do all such things as in their opinion are necessary or desirable in and

about the conduct of the Club.

(c) Treasurer will manage the Clubs financial affairs in accordance with Clubs, Financial Rules

and Procedures

(d) All Committee members shall hold office for one year only, but shall be eligible for reelection

(e) The Committee shall meet as often as the business of the Club may require, and in any case

at intervals of not more than three months. At every meeting five shall form a quorum.

(f) Any three members of the Committee may require a meeting to be held, and on receipt of a

requisition signed by not less than three such members the Secretary shall convene a

Committee meeting to be held within seven days to discuss those matters of which notice is

given in such requisition.


(a) An Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the last meeting date in May each

year at which the following business shall be transacted:-

(i) Receipt of a report from the Chairmen or the Secretary on Club's Activities during the past


(ii) Receipt of the Treasurer's audited accounts.

(iii) Election of the Committee and if required Non-committee members to cover other essential


(b) Special General Meetings may be convened at any time by the Committee and shall be

convened within one month of the receipt by the Secretary of a requisition to that effect

signed by not fewer than 1/3 membership stating the purpose for which the meeting is to be

convened. Not less than fourteen days' notice shall be given to members for any Special

General Meeting and of the business proposed to be transacted thereat.

(c) The Chairman shall preside at all Annual and Special General Meetings, or in his absence,

the Vice-Chairman. If neither be present a Committee Member or Member as may be chosen

by the Members attending shall preside.

(d) At any General Meeting 1/3 of the membership will form a quorum.


(a) Ordinary Meetings of the Club shall be held at such times and in such places as the

Committee may agree for all purposes connected with the objects of the Club.

(b) Visitors are welcome at any ordinary meeting of the Club for the visitor’s fee set at the

Annual General Meeting.

(c) The Chairman shall preside at all Ordinary Meetings or in his absence, the Vice-Chairman.

If neither be present a Committee member or Member as may be chosen by the Members

attending shall preside.


(a) The election of the Committee shall be by ballot.

(b) Each Member may nominate one member for each of the Committee Members, previous

consent of the Member nominated having been obtained. Only those who are Members shall

be eligible for nomination.

(c) Nominations may be in writing delivered to the Secretary before the Annual

General Meeting or may be made verbally at the meeting.

(d) Ballot papers shall be available upon which members may vote for one name for each of the

Committee Members. Ballot papers contravening this rule shall be invalid.

(e) Two Scrutinieers shall be appointed by the Meeting to examine the ballot papers and to

count the votes, the result to be announced by the Chairman of the meeting, Scrutineers shall

be selected from those members who have not been nominated to any office.

(f) If the votes in any case are equal the Chairman of the meeting shall give a casting vote.



1. To ensure our venue is suitable for any person.


1. Ensure no discrimination by any member of Salisbury Camera Club.

2. Strive to improve the venue environment where we are able.


1. Checks will be made on our Objectives once a year by the Chairman or Secretary.

2. Checks to be made by asking members at the AGM.


The Committee shall consider the case of any Member whose conduct is brought into

question by complaint in writing signed by at least six Members. Having given the Member

an opportunity of explaining the matter, the Committee may either take no action, may

advise the member to resign their office (if they hold such) or by a unanimous vote may

advise them to resign their membership. In the event of a member failing to resign their

membership within fourteen days of being so advised in accordance with this rule, the

Committee may proceed to expel them and remove their name from the list of members.

Any Member expelled or asked to resign shall have the right of appeal to a Special General

Meeting called for the purpose. All Committee proceedings and those of any Special

General Meeting called under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.


(a) In the event that the Club is unable to function effectively either through lack of membership

or income, or is unable to form a Committee, an Extraordinary Meeting of all members shall

be convened to declare the Club inactive.

(b) Club assets, liabilities and property including equipment, website, bank accounts and

insurance policies shall be assigned to the custody of one or more nominated members with

responsibilities and authorities as determined by the Meeting.

(c) Continued membership or otherwise of other organisations such as the SCPF and PAGB

shall be determined and appropriate notifications issued.

(d) These decisions shall be recorded in the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting.

(e) If it is necessary at some future time to dissolve the Club, a further Extraordinary Meeting

shall take place at which the disposal of Club assets shall be determined.

(f) Copies of the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting dissolving the Club shall be sent to the

SCPF and PAGB or their successor organisations.



All general notices will be posted on the club web site and emailed to members at the email

address shown in the list of members


All personal notices, shall be sufficient if sent by post to the member at the address shown in

the list of members and shall be deemed to be received in ordinary course of post.


No alteration of or addition to the Constitution shall be made except at the Annual General

Meeting or at a Special General Meeting.


On all questions of interpretation of the Constitution, the decision of the Chairman shall be

accepted as binding.


All previous versions of the rules and Constitution are hereby revoked.

Approved at the AGM 18th May 2015