This an informal group of some of the members of the Club who gather to discuss all matters concerned with Digital Imaging.

The Group meet at a members house which has the effect of limiting the numbers to about ten.

We meet once per month and the discussions attempt to resolve any problems members may have.  One item which crops up all the time is Equipment.  "What should I buy?"  "Where can I get it/them from?"

Perhaps the main reason for meeting is to try to get members able to produce digital prints of a good standard.

One way we are trying to do this is to give each group member a disk with an image in JPEG on it.  The member then has a month to try to manipulate this in any way they choose or perhaps in a manner which has been discussed at a meeting.

The only cost to participating members is small amount to the person hosting to pay for the teas/coffees and biscuits consumed.

Link to online gallery for workshop results on Dropbox