Salisbury Camera Club offers a window of opportunity to share your photographs and follow other Members' work.

Come and join us as an amateur photographer and enjoy developing your skills and enhancing your photography experience.

We meet once a week on Monday evenings from September to May.

Bi-Monthly Competition:
Third Print Results: Silver - Gold
Third PDI Results: Silver - Gold

Ladies v Gents Challenge Results

Monday Club Results:
Salisbury V Southampton

Trophy Winner Awards 2018-2019
Toomey Trophy
Mary Luckham
Wiltshire Trophy
Etchells Portrait
Club Trophy Results
DS White Trophy
Cathedral Cup Trophy
Castle Camera Trophy
Award Winners

External Results
Fordingbridge Challenge Trophy
GB Small Club Competition Results
PAGB inter-feds Exhibition
SCPF Exhibition SCC entries
SCC Exhibition Gallery 4 images
LRPS Panel Jane Osborne
ARPS Panel Paul Rigg

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