An Audio Visual (AV) production should predominantly consist of a sequence of still photographic images, the majority of such photographs being the original work of the author, together with an accompanying synchronised sound track. The use of third party images, animated graphics, video clips or other visual material, whilst not excluded, should be limited and should be appropriate to the production. Applications with more than 25% of such third party images, animated graphics or video clips, in photographs or duration, are unlikely to be successful.
Specification -
The sequences must be programmed without a ‘run box’.
For Pictures to Exe users - please ensure that ‘Hide mouse cursor during show’ (not Auto Hide) is activated, that the "Show Navigation Bar "is not ticked and ‘Close show after last slide’ is ticked so as to return to the desktop at the end of the production. ‘Full Screen’ should be chosen.
For Proshow Producer and Proshow Gold users - in the Options Menu, select “start playback in full screen”. Un-tick “enable on screen playback controls” and “loop
show”. Also un-tick both “Protection” boxes. In the Branding Menu un-tick “Start Up Screen”.