Club Exhibitions

Exhibition of Members' work in Salisbury Library from the 13th of January to 3rd of February 2018

You can view previous exhibitions at Library Club Exhibition 2017 or at the Guildhall Exhibition

Members who would like to contribute to this exhibition are free to do so and choose 3 of their own images to display together as a group.  The group of images should be tightly framed in 400mm x 500mm - 40cm x 50cm (Landscape or portrait) frames as no glass or plastic is to be used in the frame; this is to cut down on light reflections in the glass and also for safety purposes. If possible the frame colours should be black, silver or white. For a guide to choosing a frame below is a link to the preferred style:

These are good quality and useful all round.
Once you have selected your 3 exhibition images for print please send a PDI of each to sized as for Club Competitions (see the back of your programme or on the website at this link):

PDI sizing

All the above will help the organisers of the exhibition to prepare in advance so that the mounting of the exhibition runs smoothly.