SCC Summer Outing Sunday 3rd July

Cancelled due to lack of Members able to take part

Hat Fair Winchester
This is nothing to do with hats in the traditional sense, but refers to the hats buskers put out. The event is all around Winchester with buskers performing over 3 days, so good for plenty of street photography, there is always other photo opportunities in Winchester itself and at St Cross Hospital down the river.

Radio Interview with Peter Read May 2016

Southampton International Exhibition 7th May 2016

The Fordingbridge PDI Challenge Plate

We will again be taking part in the above competition involving eight camera clubs. This year the competition will be held on April 6th.

We will again require eight images to represent our club, however this year to encourage new work the rules have been changed to stipulate that all images MUST NOT have been seen before in any EXTERNAL competition.

  • I would like to carry out the selection as follows.Please submit a maximum of two images to me to allow me to collect an image pool. Remember nothing that has been used in external competition (if you are unsure ask me).
  • The Fordingbridge projector is 1920 pixels X 1200 pixels. If you are submitting a full screen image please make it these dimensions before sending it to me (do this from the original file, it is not good practice to re-size a smaller PDI as it may degrade the image quality). If this ratio isn’t suitable for your image please submit it as large as possible within these dimensions and I will add canvas as necessary. This will keep the dimension ratio as you want your image to be displayed.
  • Images must be submitted by Friday 25th March at the latest
  • We will try to select eight different members work if possible

This is a good opportunity to involve as many members as possible in this annual competition and to select from new work. I can only do this if you submit images for the selectors consideration. I look forward to receiving them.


Tony Oliver   External Competition Sec.


The Exhibition for the SCPF is on in the Library in Salisbury until January 30th 2016. 

See our entry panal on under Photography/Exhibition Galleries. Do try to drop in or help with stewarding as a Member of Salisbury Camera Club

AnnouncementsArena Exhibition and Seminar Booking Dates Announced

Please see attached a poster for Marwell Photographic Group’s Christmas talk, The Wonder of Water, with David Boag. 

I hope you will be able to share this with your members and that some of them will be interested in joining us for what will doubtless be a fascinating evening at our new venue in Wickham Community Centre.

Summer Break Competition 2015

To be judged by Richard Ramsey Chairman next season September 2015

Up to three images as Prints only

Subject: "Up Above Your Head"


  • Images should be taken over the summer break before judging takes place

  • images should be presented as prints, mounted on mount board with the details on the reverse giving Number_Title_Name

  • Any Member can enter up to 3 Prints for this competition (this a prints only competition).

  • Images MUST have been taken between the date the subject was set 28th April and next Monday 14th September.

  • The prints can be of any size but should be mounted (400mm x 500mm mounts are preferred)

  • The prints can be brought in on the night of the competition.

  • Can you please send me a PDI image of each print you intend to enter by midnight Monday 14th September,  The size of the PDI can be found on the back of the Programme or on the website.

TROPHIES NIGHT 23rd March 2015

The following two trophy competitions will be held on the above night.

1.  The D.S. White Trophy

This is for all members and consists of a panel of four individually mounted images as follows
  A Landscape;  A Human Portrait;  A Night Scene:  One Other different subject. 

2.  The Etchell's Portrait Vase

This is for all members and consists of a panel of three individually mounted Human Portraits.


       a)  Prints entered in these competitions must not have been entered in the same competition in any previous year.

      b)  This is usually a well supported evening and can produce an excessive workload for our judge.
Therefore from this year and to enable the Club Committee to determine the number of entries, all Panels MUST be pre-entered by the submission of corresponding PDI's to the Club Secretary (Richard Temlett) by Friday 20th March 2359 hrs at the latest.
Your pre-entered panels should still be brought on the night of the competition, but will not be accepted if they haven't been registered.
Please number your panels to enable any necessary reduction of entries to take place prior to the evening's commencement. 
Thank you:                                    
Tony OliverComp.Sec. 9.3.2015

Mary Luckham Trophy 2014

Competition Image Selection

The following images have been selected for the Warminster Print Battle on February 22nd 2014.

Due to the limited number of images put forward for selection I have had to use some images from last year's SPF Print League.

  • Scarves                                   Rob Tarlton
  • Sprats                                     Linda Oliver
  • Through the Snow                 Tony Oliver
  • Strumming Along                  Martin Cook
  • Steam Up                               Peter Woodhouse
  • Great Chalfield Manor          Peter Read
  • Empty Beach                         Sheila Read
  • Long Tailed Tit                     Richard Ramsay

Reserves:  Work in Progress   Sarah Shelley & Blue Boat  Tony O'Reilly


The following Inter Club Competitions are to take place during the remainder of the season; 

  • SCPF Inter Club Championships ( 20 Prints and 20 PDI's),
  • The Fordingbridge PDI Challenge Plate ( 8 PDI's) and the
  • New Forest Friendly Battle ( 12 Prints and 12 PDI's).

There will a meeting of the Selection Committee which currently consists of the following ~ Tony Oliver ( Competition Sec. and SCPF Judge), Richard Ramsay (Club Chairman), Peter Woodhouse (SCPF Judge) and Peter Read ( Committee Member) to select our entries.

 If you would like your images considered for selection please let me have them by Monday 24th February AT THE LATEST (Prints give to me, PDI's e-mail to me please) The selection process will take all submitted work into consideration together with other known existing images from this and (occasionally) other season's work.

Thank You

TONY OLIVER   COMP. SEC      29.01.2014