Image Preparation

Preparing images for competitions

There are always lots of questions that need answering so please do not hesitate to ask!

To begin with you may just want to listen and watch as you get used to the Club but there will come a point at which you will want tot enter your photographs for competition.  Most of the competitions happen within the Club and you can see them set out in the Programme.

When entering your photographs there is a way in which they are accepted and the following guideline will help you along the way:

  • PDIs - projected digital images - can be landscape or portrait but they need to be sized to fir the projector screen (see the back of your Programme or PDI sizing) image size 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high.  the height limit on a portrait image is 1050 pixels and typically 788 pixels wide.  Save the image as a .jpg (even on a Mac) and name it with underscores only including Entry No_Your Title_Your Name then send it by email as an attachment to by the Monday before the competition date.  
  • Prints - of your images (landscape or portrait) can be made at home or sent away to be processed.  They should be mounted on mount board, white, cream or black board are commonly used. Mounts need to be 400mm high X 500mm wide.  If you need help or advice in mounting your own image just ask or look at Print Mounting
  • When you enter a print, you also need to provide a copy of the print as a .pdf (as described above). This is used to identify the print and also helps when selecting prints to represent the club in competitions etc.  Again you need to ensure the print is brought into the club, and the PDI is sent to, by the Monday before the competition date. 

On Club evenings we have Practical workshops to help Members with all aspects of taking and presenting images for competition.  It often takes time to get used to the format required to enter your photographs but help is on hand if you need it.

As with all entries from Clubs there are rules and standards that we adhere to and, if in doubt, do ask or look up the Club Competition Rules on this website.

The most important thing to remember is that your photographs are what makes our Club tick so nothing should get in the way of you entering them if you want to!