Mary Luckham Trophy

Image Results: Gallery 2016

Summer Break Competition 2016

The subject of this year’s competition is:

“An interior domestic scene or still life”

 Two major influences have inspired this theme, both from seventeenth century art from the Dutch Golden Age:


1.    So called “Vanitas” paintings that present everyday objects as symbols of human achievement (and also the transience of life). These still life paintings usually include everyday objects: sometimes artefacts – pottery, musical instruments, furniture, books, or examples of foodstuffs. There may be other elements of symbolism related to decay and death. However, it is the still life element, often exquisitely lit and arranged, that is the focus of the competition

2.    The domestic interior scenes captured by well known artists such as Vermeer that sometimes included family members or servants, again exquisitely lit.


The competition is inspired by these ideas. Images should therefore include objects which might be in:

a.    An interior scene which might be truly domestic i.e. captured in your home, or,

b.    An interior scene taken, say in a historic building: perhaps a National Trust-type house or its kitchen, potting shed, stable, workshop etc. Another possible location might be an industrialor rural heritage setting such as an industrial museum. A church or chapel could provide the setting. It might even be a completely abandoned building.

A “domestic” artefact might include in this context agricultural or industrial tools, products or equipment.


Your pictures should be taken between the date that the competition is set and the date of entry. Images should be sent to Richard in the usual PDI format by the Monday before the competition is to be judged. They should not have been entered in any Salisbury CC competition before judging.

Your PDIs should be numbered 1 to 3 in the usual way and can be monochrome or colour images.


A small selection of my pictures is attached to this note on the club website. Look at so called Vanitas pictures or Vermeer paintings. These are for background information only.  Your imagination, observation and photographic ideas are really what counts. I look forward to seeing your pictures.


Peter Woodhouse