Minutes of the Salisbury Camera Club Committee held at 7.30pm on 
Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 12 Somerset Road, Salisbury. 
(Richard Ramsay’s house)

(Chairman) Richard Ramsay, (Vice-Chairmen) Peter Woodhouse, (Treasurer) Peter Read, (Secretary) Richard Temlett, Sarah Shelley, Sally Money, Tony Oliver, Tony O'Reilly and John Haines and Jeremy Court

1. Apologies
Ivor Smith

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

3. The minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 17th October 2012, the spelling of Wight in Isle of Wight Trip was corrected; the minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman. 

4. Matters Arising 
Shoon were very pleased with the Camera Club input to their photo project. 
The Clubs Christmas social get together was attended by 20 members who enjoyed the evening and the meal, Peter Woodhouse wrote a letter of thanks to the New Inn for the night. 

5. Treasurer's Report 
Peter Read reported that the current balance of accounts was as follows: 
HSBC BMM account (savers)                    £832.36 
Community account (current a/c)              £2085.13 
Cash                                                            £22.00 
Peter Read pointed out that the cheque £630.00 for the hall rent has not yet been cashed when it is this will leave £1455.13 in the current account. Peter also reported that the current membership is 34 this is 10 down on last year.

6. Secretary's Report 
Richard Temlett said all the correspondence he received, had been processed by either being forwarded to Richard Ramsay, Tony Oliver or Peter Read to put on the Club Notice Board or posted on the Salisbury Camera Club web site News section. 
Richard Temlett had received an email from Oleg Stanislav threatening to report the club to the SPF over an incident with Peter Read, it is thought that this is a hoax, but just in case it wasn’t Richard wrote a reply stating that a non reply to his email would mean the matter had been resolved.

7. SDC photo requests 
This is an ongoing project; Tony said the dates of the events the Council would like covered are on the web site and the items were being covered as they came up. Tony said this item can be removed from future agenda.

8. Guildhall Exhibition January 2013 
Tony said that the number of prints from members may have to be reduced; it would appear that there may be too many prints to fit in the available space. Tony also said that he had managed to get Specsavers to sponsor the Exhibition for £200.

9. Programme 2012-13 
There are no further changes to the 2012-13 programme. 

10. Programme 2013-14 
Richard Temlett has provided Jeremy Court with a draft programme for 2013 2014 taking into account the comments made at the last meeting about October. Jeremy provided the meeting with a spreadsheet covering the lectures he has so far managed to book, this also showed the cost. 
Jeremy explained that the costs are based on the PAGB mileage rates and the cost of the lectures. 
Tony Oliver said that if a lecturer charged for the lecture they very often do not charge mileage, so the costs given will be the maximum cost. The cost so far comes to £335.12. Peter Read and Tony Oliver offered several lecturers that Jeremy could try to fill the gaps. The meeting gave Jeremy the Thumbs Up for his efforts so far. Peter Woodhouse agreed to find the Judges when Jeremy has filled all the lecture dates (hopefully by the end of February).

11. A.O.B. 
Sarah Shelley asked if the Club should be advertising for new members as the number of members had dropped by 10 for this time of the year. The meeting agreed to ask Robin Gemmill if she could be persuaded to look into this.

Peter Read would like to know if the club wanted the club equipment (projector and computer) covered by the same insurance as last year, the meeting agreed that this should be covered for £3000.

12. Date of next meeting 
The proposed date for the next meeting is the 20th March 2013 at 7.30pm

13. Meeting Closed at 9.20 pm

Signed...................... Hon. Chairman Signed..................... Hon. Secretary