Some of our Members on location

Some of our Members on location

Welcome to Salisbury Camera Club!

Now you are a member you are entitled to join in all of the activities the Club has to offer. you will find these detailed in 'Programme for the season 2017-2018' within your welcome pack.  The pack also contains a blank badge to write your name on with the pen provided (just return your badge to the front desk when you leave and collect it when you next come).

As a new member you will also be offered the assistance of a "buddy" for the first few weeks. This is to assist you in getting to know the Club and our members as easily as possible.

Please do introduce yourself to other members during the evening.  We all understand how joining a club can be daunting, and we would like to help make you feel welcome.  The tea break is a good opportunity to chat, to ask questions you may have and talk about your interest in photography. Those members with 'Committee' badges are ready to advise you and can point you in the right direction if you have any query.

Within the Club you will find members with different interests and skills in photography and some will undoubtably overlap with yours.  The real plus is that we are willing to and positively enjoy sharing our photographic knowledge and expertise with all our members in a constructive and friendly way, so whatever your level you can still aspire photographically to greater things!

Our website: contains a lot of additional information about the Club and its activities including a Calendar of Programme events you can download.  There is a Members' Blog where you can ask a question, comment and interact outside Club evenings or catch up with with the latest news on the News Blog link

We really hope you will find the Club fun to be part of and challenging to contribute to and always welcome your thoughts and ideas and any suggestions you may have.