Monday, 26 March 2018

Obituary for Rose Snape

Rose Snape

Rose Snape died in March 2018 at the age of 87. Rose was made an Honorary Member of Salisbury Camera Club in 2014 in recognition of her lifetime’s love of photography and her long and loyal service to the Club. She retired as a member of the Committee in 2011. Her final responsibilities included recording and cataloguing entries for internal club competitions and for organising refreshments on club evenings.


As far as we can tell, Rose first joined Salisbury Camera Club in 1953, making her membership one of at least 65 years: a remarkable achievement. Her photographic work began in the field of darkroom black and white, moving into colour slides as time passed. Although Rose did not move into the digital age as a photographer, she continued to play her part in the life of the club, enjoying the variety of work produced by younger members and the contributions made by speakers. It is fair to say that she preferred a relatively traditional approach to photography and was not too enamoured of large amounts of digital manipulation. Several of her images are to be found in the archive section of the Club website and she was a winner of competitions, such as the Sloane Stanley Cup and The Club Trophy in 1983.


The earliest reference we can find to her being a member of the Salisbury Camera Club Committee is 1964, when Rose became Programme Secretary. It was the first of a variety of roles she undertook on behalf of the Club over the next 57 years. Rose was one of those modest, but vital members of any community organisation. She worked quietly behind the scenes undertaking important tasks without expecting loud thanks or reward.


Rose was added to the Southern Photographic Federation “Roll of Honour” in 2010, following a recommendation by Salisbury Camera Club, for her long service to both photography and to the Club.


Rose with Mrs Fowler Smith [bow] and husband Tom

Rose with Freddie one Club Evening

Photograph with Rose taken from our Archives