Mounting Your Prints

Once you have printed your images you want to enter (at home or out sourced) your next job is to mount them for display on the lit picture display  that the judge will use to view them.  Match the mount to your printed image size but the maximum size is 500mm x 400mm for competition display. You can use coloured mount board of all types although white, cream or black are most popular.  The important thing is to set your image off to best advantage so this requires some care.

Below is a link to a video to help you see the process although it is not necessary to do it yourself, again you can out source it.

Tips on video how to cut a successful mount

Now your image is mounted it is important to name it properly in accordance with our competition requirements.  That is on the reverse of the print in pencil with the number of the print, the tile of your print and your name in the order as displayed below:




See the details on your as the naming of images is the same as for your PDI images and the two should be identical.

Take your Prints you want to enter into the Competition it relates to on the Monday evening one week before the event takes place. At the same time email a PDI version of the image, with the same title, as an attachment, to Richard Temlett - Club Secretary

Details of how to size and send the PDI images are under PDI Sizing