RPS Awards

Royal Photographic Society (RPS)

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) is an educational charity promoting both the art and science of photography and aims to help individuals realise their potential as photographers.  Membership is open to all, irrespective of experience or knowledge. No qualifications are required to join, simply a passion and love for photography and images, its technologies or applications.  ?there is an annual fee for membership of the society.

By attending RPS events - some 300-plus each year - our members enjoy opportunities to share knowledge, meet and learn form other photographers and to develop their photographic interest and skills.

The RPS holds a number of exhibitions and competitions for members and non-memebers.  The international Print and International Images for Science Exhibitions are held annually alongside exhibitions organised by Special Interest Groups, Regions and Overseas Chapters.

The educational remit is central to the work of the RPS.  It organises practical workshops and lectures with its Regions and Special Interest groups arrange additional activities, lectures, visits and field trips.  The RPS also supports photographers and students though its bursary programme.

RPS Awards

Distinctions are open to all members, at three specific levels or photographic achievement:

  • LRPS (Licentiate of the RPS) - A Panel of 10 images is required to demonstrate a high standard of photographic excellence)

  • ARPS (Associate of the RPS) - A Panel of 15 images of exceptional standard is required. The panel must be supported by a written statement of intent)

  • FRPS (Fellow of the RPS) - A panel of 20 images of an outstanding photographic and creative standard are required. This panel must be supported by a written statement of intent).

Unlike the PAGB, images do have to be presented as a panel, so they need to work together as a set.

Holders are entitled to use the designated letters after their name and the awards are yours for as long as you pay the RPS annual membership fee.

If you fancy entering for an award, you can see judging being done, which is well worth a visit as you can learn a lot from seeing it first hand.  Salisbury Camera Club also holds small award group meeting as required so members can discuss their intended entries before they make a submission.

For more information go to: http://www.rps.org

Paul Rigg ARPS Panel 2019

Paul Rigg ARPS Panel - hanging plan

Jane Osborne LRPS Panel 2018

Tony O'Reilly LRPS Panel 2018

Tony Oliver ARPS Panel 2015 - Associate - Applied Category

Salisbury Cathedral Moods

Statement of intent ARPS Applied Panel

The 404 ft spire of Salisbury Cathedral has dominated the City's skyline for nearly 800 years. Within the City landscape the Cathedral provides a constant presence that seems to be varied only by changes in the seasons, the time of day and most noticeably by the weather.

My panel illustrates how the Cathedral's omnipresence interacts with these changes to create different atmospheres, moods and emotions. The spire providing a continuity around which the changing conditions vary the visual reaction of the viewer.

Twelve of these images will be used in producing next year's annual calendar for my family and friends.

Sarah Shelley LRPS Panel 2013 - Distinction